Jamal Finds Love at the Strip Club - Uncensored

The Legend of Tupaquia Season 1, Ep 5 10/19/2016 Views: 3,999

When Grover and Milk take him to the strip club, Jamal falls hard for a dancer who looks exactly like Tupac. (1:48)

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- Jamal, how you got a side boowith no main boo anyway?

Wouldn't that make Medinayour main boo by default?

- I don't feel like doing

side-bitch word problems today,my nigs.

My heart is heavierthan Medina's big titty.

And my soul is blackerthan the little one.

- We know, homey.

That's why we finna take yousomewhere to cheer you up.

- Where?Sizzlers?

- Naw, even greasier.

Now this the only shake clubin the Heights takin' fake IDs.

- Yup.Mm-hmm, whatever.

Have fun, gentlemen.

[techno music]


- Coming to the stage,give it up for Tupaquia!

- Tupaquia?What kind of name is that?

- It's a stripper name,like Sparkle or Amber Rose.

- Her momma must of beena hella Pac fan.

- Nah bro, it is Tupac!

- Pac is dead, my nig.

And even if he was alive,

ain't no way my favorite rapperwould be

a shake booty bitchat The Mooseknuckle.

- I only got one word...


[romantic tones]

[coins jingling]

Jamal, don't be mercy tippin'the mud ducks.

Wait for dem fuckablesto come through.

- Tupaquia ain't no mud duck.

She's a beautiful, black swan,

with a curvaceous tail feather.


- I'm tellin' y'all,that's Tupac!

Look, she gotthe same bald head,

same bandana,same 60 bullet holes

- Aw, man, that's justa coincidence.

- Oh yeah?What about the tats?

- But dat ass doe...

- That ain't Machiavelli,my dude.

- Watch, I'm finna prove itto you.

Yo, homey, where you from?

- Westside, motherfucker.

And I'm on my period,partna.

- See, the bitch a blood too.