Niles Needs a Dentist

Wanda Sykes & Dane Cook Season 2, Ep 30 03/30/2004 Views: 22,711

Niles calls a dental health clinic to find out if the dentist will be gentle on his teeth. (1:00)

( phone ringing )

>> Thank you for holding.

May I help you?

>> ( British accent ): Hello, is

this the dentist office?

>> Yes, it is.

>> Wonderful.

This is Niles Standish calling.

>> Uh-huh.

>> My ivories are a shambles.

( laughs )

I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

I absolutely love the butter


>> Okay.

>> I've been a very naughty


>> You've been naughty? Uh-oh.

>> Indeed I have, love.

>> Mmm.

>> Now, I have a couple of quick

"Qs" for you about your dentist.

My mouth is quite sensitive.

Is the dentist gentle?

>> Yes.

>> Wonderful.

And as far as anesthetics go,

does the dentist have gas?

>> Yes.

>> Well, I certainly hope he

doesn't fluff in my face.

( laughing )

>> Uh-oh.

>> You see what I did?

I said, "Does he have gas?," you

said, "Yes," and I said, "I hope

he doesn't fluff in my face."

I got you, didn't I, love?

>> Yes, you did.

That is too funny.

( Niles chuckling )

>> I had a bit of free time on

my hands so I was just playing

around with the telly.

( chuckling )

>> There you go.

>> I'm quite lonely.

( phone disconnects )