Kirk Fox - Starbucks Language

Burr, Fox, Fulchiron, Bjorgen, Lenox, Rontowski, Johnagin Season 1, Ep 5 08/10/2006 Views: 13,845

Kirk Fox is surprised by the language in Starbucks. (1:37)

I had a little racismthis morning that I think

we should just get outof the way, so we can move on.

Starbucks-- I'm notgonna tell you which one--

but it was on 26th and 7th.

There's four over there.

I'm not gonna tell youwhich one.

But I walked in there,and this little Asian girl

behind the counterlooked up at me and yelled,

"Tall, single,nonfat Americano."


I just want a muffin.

And what makes you thinkI'm single?

I am single.

And let's talk abouta date I had the other day

out in Los Angeles.

I was, like, "Whatever you want,this is your day.

I'm gonna accommodate you."

So first we went hiking.

She wanted to go hiking,and that was fun.

And then after that,she was like,

"You know, let's gorollerblading, biking."

And we did that.

Then after that, she was like,"Let's run along the ocean,

watch the sunset."

We did that.

Then after that, she was like,

"You know, we should go camping,maybe kayaking in the morning."

I was, like, "Wait a second...

Do you have herpes?"

Because I thinkI've seen this commercial.

I don't likethat commercial at all.