Extended - Rachel Feinstein - Mansplaining Vegas - Uncensored

Amy Schumer Presents Rachel Feinstein: Only Whores Wear Purple Season 1, Ep 1 04/23/2016 Views: 1,073

When Rachel Feinstein was in Las Vegas, a bro tried to hit on her, then explained to her what Sin City is all about. (1:55)

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I was just sittingby the pool with my friends

and these guys walk up to us,my favorite types,

like, young,date-raping jocks, just...

Some guy looks like he justgraduated from Rape Tech

or some shit.

And he was so drunk,

he was sort of gently swaying--Just my type.

And he walked up and he goes,

(lowered)"What are you twolovely bitches doing?"

He called us--called us "lovely bitches,"

which is also a poemby Emily Dickinson.

(lowered)Then he goes, "I wouldactually like to have sex

with both of you ladies."

He said it like it wasa special Christmas offer.

(lowered)Then he goes, "I bet you don'tknow what Vegas is all about."

(high-pitched)I was like, "I don't know,you explain it to me.

My tits are confused."

(lowered)And he goes, "Vegas is actuallyabout sex and money, ladies."

He said it like that wasa real breakthrough concept

to come out about Vegas.

I'm like, "Isn't thatpretty much what it sayson the brochure?"

(high-pitched)"But I thought Vegaswas about eating organic

"and unconditional love.

"I thought Vegas

"was supposed to beall about loyalty and trust.

"Oh, if what you say is true,

"we've got to tellthe detectives, and fast.

Even my tits are concerned."

He did not care for me at all,he was a real prince.

He was the one that got awayis what he was.

He just goes like this to me,he goes, mmm...

He tries to erase melike I was a chalkboard.

I've never beenmanually erased before,

but it's not a good feeling.

And then he got frustratedwhen he couldn't erase me.

(lowered)He's like, "What the fuck?I can't erase this bitch!

Get over here, Tucker!I can't erase her!"