Versus - Dr. Chimp vs. Kidney Transplant

How the Sausage Is Made Season 2, Ep 12 06/27/2016 Views: 1,313

A charming chimp doctor with a raging erection tackles a kidney transplant using his wits and a hacksaw. (2:19)

[bell dings]

- Good morning.

Nice to see you.

- Good morning, Doctor.

- Same to you, Nancy.

How's the family?- Thanks for asking.

They're great.

- All right, let's seewho's up first here.

Oh, my.Well, I'd better get into it.

- Good luck, sir.

[vase shatters]

- [chuckles] Excuse me.- Ah, I'll clean it up.

- Acute renal failure.

- Is it serious, Doc?

- I thought we agreed you'd stayoff the caffeine, Bob.

- I need my coffeein the mornings.

- Well, I'm afraidyou have kidney disease,

and it's pretty far along.

- Oh, God.

What am I gonna tell Martha?

- You tell Marthathe truth.

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, Bob.

This is a serious operationwith a 50-50 survival rate,

but I'm the best in the game,

and I'm gonna give itall I've got.

- [sniffles]Thanks, Doc.

- Sorry about that.- No biggie.

[heart rate monitor beeps]

[indistinct conversations]

- Oh, hello there.Time for "Versus."

[heavy metal music]

[heart monitor beeps]

[orchestra tuning up]

[heavy metal music]- [shrieking]

[all gasp]

[heart rate monitor beeping]

- Oh, Doctor, thank you.

How can we ever repay you?

- Saving lives is my reward.

Pardon me.

- No pardons necessary, Doctor.

- Winner: hard workand the right tools.

- There goes my hero.