Na'im Lynn - Trip to Africa

Na'im Lynn Season 1, Ep 3 05/18/2012 Views: 18,203

Na'im Lynn explains why he thinks of himself as a watered-down black man. (1:54)

so I decided I'm gonnatake me a little trip.

So I'm gonna go somewhere else

for a few different reasons,you know.

I said I wanted to go somewhere'cause I need some new material,

I need some stuff to talk about,

'cause I was getting, like,real nasty at one time.

My mother was like,"Why do you gotta be so nasty?"

'Cause I was talking abouttossing a salad and everything.

Like it was... You know,and I had to explain to my mom

that as a comedian, you can onlytalk about what you're doing.

And at that time, I happenedto be tossing a lot of salad.

You know, city to city,

I was finding some saladto toss.

That's just eating (bleep)

in case you didn't knowwhat I'm talking about.

So... let me step awayfrom the ass

and let me take a trip, right?

So, I decided to go to Africa.

Now, Africa is great place.

One of the reasons whyI decided to go there

is because a lot of comedianswent to Africa.

Richard Pryor went to Africa.

He came back,he talked about it.

Jamie Foxx went to Africa,came back,

talked about life-changingexperience.

Dave Chappelle went to Africa.

I don't know what the hellhe was doing out there.

But I said, "I'm gonna goto Africa."

Now, before I went to Africa,

people kept telling meto be careful,

make sure you wear condomsbecause they got AIDS out there

and all that stuff.

I'm, like, "Look, man,have you been to Baltimore?

"It's AIDS everywhere.What are you talking about?

You got to wear a condomeverywhere."

So when I first got there,

I was afraid to have sexat first,

but not because of the disease.

I was afraid because, you know,the stereotype is

that black men are well-endowed.

Now, I am a watered-downblack man as you can see.

There has been some mixing.

Now, I'm figuring this mustbe the birthplace

of the big dick.I'm going to Africa.

I got over there,I was in the bathroom.

This dude looked over,he was like,

"Oh, you are not from here."