Between the Scenes - The Manila Folder Presidency

01/13/2017 Views: 13,030

Donald Trump’s deal-making with Carrier hasn’t convinced Trevor that he’ll actually accomplish anything as president. (0:57)

That's genuinely all the DonaldTrump presidency is going to be.

It's all show, nothing done.

What he did with those manilafolder is exacly what he didwith

Carrier and with Ford and allthese companies.

He makes it seem like theressomething there when its not.

You know?

He goes "Look at what I did.Carrier, I brought how many

jobs? 1,000 jobs. I've broughtthese jobs" and then it's like

well, actually, first of allit's not 1,000 jobs its closer

to 700 jobs and also it's 700jobs that weren't actually going

to leave. They were moving andthey were coming back. And he's

like "I brought the jobs!" andit's like, fine. We'll give you

-you brought 700 jobs in the USbut that is nothing. It's sad

it's nothing. Thats not how youmeasure jobs as a president.

You measure it in percentages,you get what I'm saying?

Thats why Obama says theunemployment rate is percent.

He doesn't - Obama didn't say"five more, seven more!

that's it 150! 300! 1,000! Boom!Killing it!"