Jake Johannsen - Dignity

Season 2, 05/17/1993 Views: 1,548

Jake didn't want to host a comedy show that would cheapen the artist. (1:19)

At first, I-- At first, Iwasn't going to host the show.

You know, when theyasked me to do the show,

I said, you know, forget it.

It sounds like one of thosebrick wall meat grinder comedy

shows, where they geta bunch of comics.

Those shows cheapen theartist, and, you know,

it crushes individuality,and exploit his creativity,

and rob him of hisdignity, you know.

And-- and then the ComedyCentral people told me,

well, you know, we're notgoing to use a brick wall.

We're going to havea fancy backdrop.

And so that made mefeel pretty good.

And then theysaid, oh, well, you

know, this showwill be different,

because you'll be the host.

And that'll give it a eh,eh-- you know how they--

And I like to have my buttkissed as good as the next guy.

But I said, you know, I-- I--I don't-- I don't think so.

Those shows take a bunchof brave, young comics

and turn them intoa parade of losers.

And, well, and then--and then, finally,

they explained one thingthat they didn't think that I

probably understood-- and itturns out I didn't-- that if I

was the host, the host paycheckswould all be made out to me.

I could spend themoney however I wanted.

And then I began to see howthis show could be different

and, you know, better.

Vive la difference!

I said to myself.

I-- I-- screamed it in myroom, and I signed the papers.

And that's what brings us here.

And I was able to get some ofmy friends to come on the show,