Gusto Rules - Money

Deuce Ex Machina Season 2, Ep 17 08/02/2016 Views: 557

One egg is in charge of all the other eggs, and he's a jerk. (1:02)

[triumphant music]


[ding]- Citizens of Egg Man Land!

I sold your soulsto buy a new Jet Ski.

[crowd cheers]And you didn't even notice!

[all cheering]

Today, I feel your pain.

I know you workhard, long hours

in terrible,horrible conditions.

You don't seeyour families for weeks on end.

And then, oh,your money goes straight to me!

I bet you're all wonderinghow I spend it.

[all cheer]

Do you really want to knowhow I spend these sacks of cash?

all: Gusto rules!Gusto rules!

- I don't.

[crowd cheers]

- ♪ Gusto

♪ Gusto, Gusto