John Oliver - T-Shirt Cannons

Joe Zimmerman, Sara Schaefer, Tom Lennon Season 4, Ep 2 08/02/2013 Views: 47,129

John Oliver knows exactly what his generation's legacy on earth will be. (1:14)


You've seen thisthroughout history.

You know, the generationthat created the wheel, the

telephone, the panini,the nuclear bomb.

All of the greatestinventions of all time.

And I was wondering theother day, what will our

generation's legacybe as an invention?

I thought, it'sthe T-shirt cannon.


The T-shirt cannon.

The cannon thatfires T-shirts.

This is how much we

love T-shirt cannons: Peoplehave died falling out of

arenas reaching forT-shirts farther away.

And yet we stillhave T-shirt cannons.

I don't recall anydiscussion of T-shirt

cannons getting banned.

Almost as if collectively weall thought, You know what?

It's not thatbad a way to die.

That's a noble death.

That is a proud,honest death.

You are guaranteed toget into heaven if you're

walking up there with aballed-up T-shirt in your

hand saying, "I[BLEEP] caught it.

Step aside, I'mcoming through.

I've got my passport toparadise right here."

No one ever has more powerthan when they hold a