Relationship Prenup

Is This Forever? Season 1, Ep 18 07/26/2016 Views: 2,762

A notary helps Nikki devise contracts for couples to follow in the event that they split up. (2:51)

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- [Voiceover] Hey, cuties.

- How's it going, Jay.

- What's up, Jay?

Nice to meet you guys.

Have a seat.

This is Hamed.

- [Hamed] Hi, how are you?

- How you doin' today?

- So nice to meet you.

- How long have you been together?

- Couple months.

- Four months.

- From February.

- How's it goin'?

- It's goin' great.

- So he's the one?

85% of relationships don't work out.

You guys seem like you definitely will,

but like, they won't.

But if you don't, wejust wanna protect you.

So, Hamed is a notary.

We're gonna draw up a contract for you two,

that once you break up, you'll know how to proceed.

Let's begin.

Where did you guys have your first date?

- At El Compadre.

- So, if you break up, who get's that restaurant?

- Me, I don't care, youdon't have a choice.

- You live in Santa Monica.

- I love that place.

- So, El Compadre, put that down, okay.

Do you guys have any petnames for each other?

- She calls me Officer Schmoopy.


That is a real deal.

- Would you guys ever call each other "Snuffles,"?

- "Snuffles,"?

- Yeah, I would definitely call you that.

I mean, "Schmoopy," and "Snuffles,"-

- I wouldn't call you "Snuffles,"

you're not a "Snuffles."

- What do you think I am?

- You're the Burger Queen.

- You guys share music tastes?

- Yes.

- Okay, what's your favorite artist

that you share in common?

- The Weekend.

- I never would have guessed.


- I know you would've.

- So, in the event that you break up,

and Lana Del Rey comes to town,

who's gonna get to go to her concert?

- Me.

- He does.

- Christopher may have Lana Del Rey.

Is there anyone that you would be willing to give her?

- Yeah, I mean, you can go to the NBA game, you know.

- An NBA game?

Do you like the NBA?

- She loves just, you know, big-

- Black guys.

- Running around.

- Big black guys running around?

- So you could have that.

- So she can just have all the big black guys

running around that she wants.

Let's talk about sex.

Write down the minimum amount of times in a month

that you would like to have sex,

and if it drops below this number,

that you would like to have a talk about things.

Wow, okay.

Leia says, 18, 20.

- I almost said 20.

And then I thought itwas a little ridiculous.

- [Man] No, 20's not ridiculous.

- [Leia] I know.

- [Man] We can make that happen.

- [Leia] We can make it happen, yeah.

- CJ has written five times.

Five times a month you expect it,

and that is a problem if you don't get five, okay?

- [CJ] So I'm gonna be honest with you.

I smoke a little bud, and I get tired,

you know what I'm sayin'?

What she got, two?

- 16.

- Gah!

- Alright guys.

Let's sign these.

Sign these contracts nowbecause you gotta get

outta here, you have a lot of fucking to do.


- Is this forever?

- Is this forever?