Michael Kosta - Cheap and Single

Ross, Kosta, Goldman, Boulger, Andre, Hoogasian, Scolaro Season 2, Ep 6 06/21/2007 Views: 10,300

Michael Kosta is a virgin slayer. (1:22)

an anorexic woman

than a bulimic woman.

Okay, now hear me out.

An anorexic woman, althoughsickly and disgusting-looking,

I don't have to buy her dinner.

Mike Kosta, who's with me?

Mike Kosta, thanks so much.

Cheap and single.Mike Kosta, thank you very much.

I'm dating a new womanright now, yeah.

She's a virgin.Thank you.

She was a virgin.

Mike Kosta, who's with me?Mike Kosta.

Virgin slayer, Mike Kosta.

Thank you.

Mike Kosta.

Is it possible for

a heterosexual manto apply Chapstick

without looking gay?Is that possible?

Every time I put Chapstick on,I feel gay.

I don't know how it looks.I don't know, maybe it...

Does it look like I'm gay?

Maybe you guys can...let me know.

Mike Kosta.

Does that look gay...does that look gay to you, sir?

No. Not really. Really? Okay.

Would it... Would that offendyou if it did look gay?

No, not at all. Well, either way.

My name's Mike Kosta then.Call me after the show.

Hey, you guys were a lot of fun.