Adam Lowitt - Passion Attacks

Dan St. Germain, Adam Lowitt, Andy Zaltzman, Dana Gould Season 3, Ep 6 08/24/2012 Views: 3,926

Adam Lowitt explains the difference between bitterly single and lonely single. (0:40)

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like, bitterly single whichis very different from lonely

single; that's a verydifferent type of single.

I had a lonely single friendcome up to me the other day

and go... "oh, my God, sometimesI see these girls in the street.

"I start having thesepassion attacks."

I was like...

Jesus, did you just try andredefine the word "rape"?

Like, I don't think... I don'tthink we're allowed to do that.

But kudos on the effort, and,uh... let me know how that

works out in court.