Dr. Congress

The World's Most Interesting Woman in the World Season 4, Ep 1 04/21/2016 Views: 20,810

Amy discovers that her new ob-gyn is the congressional Women's Health Committee. (2:15)

(relaxing music playing)

Where's the doctor?

We're your doctor?

No, you're a bunchof congressmen.

I recognize you.

I just need to getmy annual Pap smear.


Do any of you haveany medical training?

We're the House Committeeon Women's Health.

So I think we havea better idea

than a bunchof science-y nerdles.

You mean doctors?

Let's begin.

When was the dateof your last lady curse?

Two weeks ago,if you mean my period.


And how many blood diapersdid you use?


A dozen?I don't know.

And that is...?


Now, it says hereyou are 34.


How many childrendo you have?


But it says hereyou're 34.


Are you sexually active?Yeah.

And how many childrendo you have?!

How often do youand your husband, um...?

Oh, I'm not married.

Oh, so you're a virgin.


Have a lollipopand run along.

No, I'm not a virgin!I'm just not married!

I just need my annual Pap smearto make sure I'm healthy.

I have a family historyof cervical cancer.


How many men have youlaid with in the last year?




Do two of you have like secretfamilies with your maids?

We're not the oneson trial here!

That's right, young lady.

Okay, okay.

Guess we have to dothe vagina-y part.


What are you doing?Remember...

even thoughwe're doing this,

we are not your boyfriend.


Scooch downon the table,

put your legsin those restraints,

and present.


I feel a lot more comfortablewith a woman in here.

Aren't there any women onthe Women's Health Committee?

That'd be like lettingthe lions run the zoo.