Milk Loses the Prank War

Inspired by Isis Season 1, Ep 4 10/12/2016 Views: 5,948

After his prank war against Uncle Joey finally goes too far, Milk is forced to join a student exchange program. (1:59)

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[funky hip-hop music]

- [yawns]

- Yo, why you lookso tired, my dude?

- Stayed up latewatching "New Jack City."

That joint gotfire-ass quotables.

- [as Wesley Snipes]Sit your $5-ass down

before I make change.

- "Never liked you anyway,pretty mother[bleep]."


- Bro, Wesley Snipes the GOAT--"White Men Can't Jump,"

"Passenger 57,"

"To Wong Foo, Thanks forEverything, Julie Newmar."

- Man, how you gonna namethat "Wong Foo" shit

and not drop "Jungle Fever?"

Y'all don't know shit.

- Yeah, "Jungle Fever"was my shit.

[as Snipes]Mama, I smoked the TV.


Now pay attentionto the goddamn game!

- Damn Milk,I didn't know

"Jungle Fever"meant so much to you.

- Yeah, we enjoy watchingSnipes take down Beckys

as much as anybody.

No need to gettesty with Wesley.

- My bad, y'all.I'm tripping.

Uncle Joey gotmy shit twisted.

- What'd you do now, Milk?

- He on some ole"send me away" 'cause

my YouTube showabout to blow shit.

- You got a YouTube show?What's it called?


- "Got You, Mother[bleep]!"

- [humming]

[air dryer blows] [coughing]

You put baby powder in my blow dryer?

- Nah, I put blow in your blow dryer.

- What? - [laughs]

Got you, mother[bleep].

- [gibbering] [thud]

[fantastical whoosh]

Milton, get down here; we're gonna be late for synagogue.

[squish] The hell?

Is this honey? Why would--Milton!

[mower revving]

- Got you, mother[bleep].

[sputtered screaming] [bees buzzing]

[fantastical whoosh]

- Get out the car, you cracker-ass cracker,

and leave the shit running.

- Please, don't hurt me.

- Knew you was a mark-ass bitch, caa!

- Milton! [tires squealing]


- G--got you, moth...

- That's it, Milton!

You're out!


- So that squareUncle Joey booted me,

signed me up for thestudent exchange program.

- Oh, for real?Foreign breezies love Americans.

Where he sending you?France, Japan, Swedish?

- Man, [blows raspberry]Ubombastan.

- Damn, Milk.

- Well, I'm finnajust pour out

a little somethingfor you now.

- What's thatsupposed to mean?

- It means you betterlearn how to throw rocks

'cause you dead,mother[bleep]!