Marc Maron - Mental Health

Keller, Barham, Maron Season 2, Ep 22 05/24/1993 Views: 3,640

Some morning affirmations. (1:46)

Let' me tell you why Ifeel great because you

can feel as great as I do.

I just bought anew self help book.

Came with a gun.

It's a really simple program.

You just put the unloadedgun next to your bed.

And right when you wake upin the morning, first thing

you put one bullet inthe cylinder, spin it.

Good morning.

Carpe diem.


No coffee for me.

I lived.

Get out of my way.

And you can really getyour life in perspective

when it flashes beforeyour eyes every morning.

Let's loosen up a little bit.

Let me tell you howelse I keep my sanity.

I also do some uppositive affirmations.

These are somepositive things I say

to myself after Ido the gun thing.

I just sit up in bed.

This is the first one.

Take a deep breath and like--

[sucks in breath]

Man I gotta lighten up.


I want everyoneto do it, please.

After me.

Deep breath.

[sucks in breath]|

Man I gotta lighten up.


Let it out.


Here's the second one.

[sucks in breath]

It's everyone's fault but mine.

Come on.


Deep breath.

It's everyone's fault but mine.


Just displace that blame.

Feel better about you.

That's what it's about.

All right.Here's the last one.

I got to hurry.

All right.

It's OK to be filledwith hate people suck .

Come on.

It's OK to be filledwith hate people such.


Now hail Satan.

Let me see those hands.

Come on.