Exclusive - Chris Hardwick - Actors Everywhere

Chris Hardwick: Mandroid Season 1, Ep 1 11/10/2012 Views: 26,333

Whether he's in New York or Los Angeles, Chris Hardwick can't get away from actors. (1:03)

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-I've been travelingso much and just

getting ready for this special,and it's been so much fun.

But I've, I've been doingdates all over the place

and travelling around,uh, the country.

I, I, I enjoy, I lovecoming to New York.

It such a great,it's a vibrant city.

A lot of performers herethough, like-- no, it's good.

It's good.

But it's the samething as Los Angeles,

like, there's actors everywhere.

Try, try to get awayfrom them, you can't.

And acting is hilarious to me.

Because it, it isthe one profession

that people claimas their profession

having never beenpaid to do it, ever.


And that does not happenin any other business

where you're like,hey, what do you do?

Oh, I'm a banker.


Where do you bank?

Uh, I'm not, uh, currentlybanking right now.

Yeah, I've been, uh, studyingwith this dude, Bruce Sheckter.

He banked at a lot ofoff-off main branch banks.

But he's, he's waitingto see what happens.