Trump's Open-Air Situation Room

February 13, 2017 - Elaine Welteroth & Phillip Picardi 02/13/2017 Views: 35,987

Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe confront a military threat from North Korea while in the public dining room of the president's Mar-a-Lago resort. (6:47)

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this weekend...

-(laughter, applause & cheering)-This weekend...

45 hosted JapanesePrime Minister Shinzo Abe

for a weekendhe'd never forget.

Prime Minister Abe, on behalfof the American people,

I welcome youto the very famous White House.


You know what makesThe White House famous

-is that you don't have to sayit's famous. -(laughter)

Like, does Trump thinkwe only know about the place

because now he lives there?Is that how this works?

Also, you don't haveto explain The White House

to the Japanese prime minister.

He's probably spentmore time there

than you have, Donald Trump.

Now, this was a state visit withAmerica's number one Asian ally

to discuss military policyin the South China Sea,

negotiate a trade dealthat will replace the TPP,

and most importantly,

how to contain a hostile actorlike North Korea.

These are very complex issues

and can be very hardto understand,

especiallyif you're not listening.

WOMAN: Shinzo Abe showering praise today

on the president's business acumen.

But it's not clear if the president understood all of it.

He was not wearingthe translation earpiece

for a lotof today's news conference.

I reached out to White Houseaides about that specifically

'cause he appeared to be engagedin the conversation.

He was nodding and was laughing

in the right places,so to speak.

A senior administration officialnow tells me

that President Trump,to the best of their knowledge,

does not speak Japanese.


To the best of their knowledgedoes not speak Japanese?

How do Trump's advisors not knowwhat languages he speaks?

This is like themgoing around like,

"Well, he saidhe doesn't speak Japanese,

"but he also saidhe'd release his tax returns,

-so who the hell knows?Who knows?" -(laughter)

What do you mean?Although knowing Trump,

he was probably a little cockyafterwards, you know?

They were like,"Do you understand?"

He's like,"I understood every word.

"Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.

"All their kickswere fast as lightning.

-Next question. Next question.Next question." -(laughter)

You know what... you knowwhat it makes you realize?

Trump was noddingand smiling in agreement,

like, "Yes, yes, I'm with you,yes, yes, I'm with you."

Like, in my head I go, maybethat's how policy sounds to him.

Like, he didn't realize Shinzowas speaking Japanese,

he just thoughthe was using those words

that real politicians use.

Like, maybe whenthe CIA briefs Trump,

it sounds like Japanese to him.They come and they're like,

"Sir," and thenhe's like, "What is it?"

And then they're like...(mimicking Japanese)


And he's like, "Yeah, got it.Go ahead, go ahead.

It all sounds the same."

So then, after-after half a dayof Trump cluelessly nodding

and giving a thumb's-upwhenever Abe spoke,

the two headed downto the even more famous...

Winter White House,


NEWSWOMAN: It's been a busy day, a day of "golf diplomacy,"

as we could put it.

The president and prime minister

spent about four hours on the links

at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter.

We know from a source that the two shared

the golf cart together.

He also tweeted a picture of himself

high-fiving the Japanese prime minister.

Well, actually,that's not a high five.

-Trump was just measuringhand size. -(laughter)

(like Trump): See?Totally normal, totally normal.

(whooping, applause)

Now... now, I know...

I know certain peopleare up in arms

at the fact that Trumpis spending every weekend

at a golf resort,especially considering

how much he slammed Obamafor his golfing trips.

But look,this is the Trump presidency

we all expected, right?

Wheeling and dealingon a golf course.

Sure, the settingis unconventional,

but what's the worstthat could happen?

NEWSWOMAN: Breaking newsat this hour here on CNN.

Confirmation nowthat North Korea has launched

some type of ballistic missile.

It is the first time North Koreahas launched

such a ballistic missileduring the Trump presidency.

We know he's meetingwith the Japanese prime minister

this eveningfor a working dinner.

NEWSMAN: It was a way of the North Korean leadership

getting the attention of President Trump

and the Japanese prime minister

at a moment when they were having their first meeting.

They look likethey're having so much fun.


They're just like,"Yeah-heh-heh!"

To be fair, though, Kim Jong-un

has that teamcheering behind him

whenever he watches anything.

Whatever's on TV.

But this is why Trumpcalls Mar-a-Lago

the Winter White House.

See, a lot of peopledon't know this,

but since coming into office,Trump's Florida resort

has been outfittedwith state-of-the-art facilities

so that he can handleany global crisis

with the utmost security and privacy.

I'm (bleep) with you.

NEWSMAN: The president responded to North Korea's test launch

with urgent talks on an open terrace

at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, where patrons were in earshot

snapping photos and posting them online.

The dining room at Mar-a-Lago,the president's private estate,

became sort of an open-airSituation Room.

That's the kind of conversationyou would normally have

in a classified environment.

They began consulting theiraides, consulting documents.

The aides even using their iPhones

to offer them more light to see the documents,

because this was a candlelit dinner.

To see that happenin such a public setting there,

with lots of...lots of eavesdroppers,

it raisessome genuine questions.

Now, Trump respondedto North Korea after this,

but part of me goes,thank God Shinzo Abe was there.

Because reportedly, he didn'twant to say anything about it.

Shinzo was like:No, we are leaders,

we have to speak.

Like, Trumpwas basically cheating

off the smart Asian kid,that's what he was doing.

(like Trump): And-and whatdo I do in this situation?

Can I see your work, Shinzo?What do you say?


Okay, what's the next answer?

Thanks, Shinzo. You're the best.

Mom, can Shinzo stay over?


And it wasn't just the lighting.

It's the factthat random civilians

in the Mar-a-Lago dining roomwere watching

two world leaders deal witha missile crisis. Right there.

They were taking picswith the staff members

who got America's launch codes.

They took a picture with the man

who has what's knownas the "football,"

identified him by name,and they posted photos

of all of that in real timeon Facebook!

Thanks, Zuckerberg.


You had one bad date in college,and now we're all gonna die.