Reggie Watts - So Different

Nick Turner, Colin Jost, Reggie Watts Season 4, Ep 1 07/26/2013 Views: 13,546

Reggie Watts musically explains cultural differences. (2:05)

Anybody up there?

You, sir, No?

You're still-- Kind of?

Okay, good.

Um, I'm going todo a song for you.

This is about retirement.

I know a lot of people,uh, are dreading it.

Um, I'm looking forward toit, maybe in the next

four years or so.

But, um, uh, I've beenwriting a lot of material

about the Great AmericanSongbook, and what that means

to be American and-- And, youknow, traveling the world,

and how different somany cultures are.

Like, there's so manydifferent cultures

that are so different fromone another.

You'd be surprised.

You'd really be surprised.

Um, you'd be like, "Wow, thisreally is--"

It's not just, you know, it'snot propaganda.

It really is different.

Uh, and so, um, with that Iwant to do this song--

And thank you guys for-- ThankJohn Oliver for being such

an amazing guy, right?


I'm not just saying that.

I just said it.

Okay, um, here we go.



If you've got something aboutyour life you want to change,

that you don't do right.

And you got somethinginside your mind, ooh ?

We're so different,

all of us sodifferent,

all of us so different

in different parts of thegeographical spectrum.

So different.

Different waysof doing things.

So different.

Sometimes we wear differedcolored clothing

from one another.

Oh, so different,

you'reso different,

oh yeah.

Oh, different.

Different languages,different ways

of counting money.


Yeah, oh, oh,oh, so different.