Michelle Buteau - Light

South Beach Comedy Festival 2008 Season 1, Ep 2 01/28/2008 Views: 5,737

You wanna know how Michelle Buteau got so light? It's called "colonialism." (1:54)

-People like, oh, you'renot Spanish, you're black.

I'm like, that'swhat's going on.

They're like, you're black,but how'd you get so light?

Like it's a recipe or something.

Like I must know what did youput in it, it is delicious.

I'm like, thank you.

Yeah, start that rumor.

Let me break it down, Miami.

I'm black.

You want to knowhow I got so light.

It's easy, y'all.

It's called colonialism.


Thank you ten peoplethat went to school.

The rest of you all I'lljust wait until February.

And it's so crazy because alllight skinned black people

either know each other,look alike, or are related.

This guy the other dayhe's like, damn girl,

you know who you look like?

I'm like, who?

He's like, Lenny Kravitz.

Excuse me, he has a penis.

I was just in Londonlast year doing comedy.

All the kids keptrunning up to me.

They all thought Iwas a Spice Girl.

I cross the street,all I heard was, Scary!



I'm like, you havenot seen scary yet.


God, these kids.

And the kids are allabout the Myspace.

Make some noise ifyour on Myspace.


Make some noise ifyour more on Facebook.


OK, the nerds areon the Facebook.

That's what I learned.

I am definitely more Myspace.

I just joined Facebook.

I didn't even know what it was.

I was doing a showa couple months ago.

This guy comes up tome and he's like, hey,

girl, I'm going to Facebook you.

And I was like--


--I'm like, I need dinner first.

Hello, I got standards, OK?

He's like, no, no,no, girl, I'm just

going to write on your wall.

I'm like, ew!


He's like, my bad.

My bad, I'll just poke you.

I'm like, OK.