Big Game or Big Blowout - Uncensored

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El Pres, Big Cat and KFC try to predict the outcome of the showdown between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, then give a shout-out to an overzealous Stoolie. (5:18)

- Groundhog day, Super Bowl.

Seventh Super Bowl for the Patriots, and this new regime,

I always have to clarify that now, because it's actually

Patriot knucklehead fans who come out and say "oh we're

"nine, '85 Bears, and then we lost to the Packers."

I'm talking about the regime, I'm talking Belichick,

Brady, this particular regime being the greatest sports'

dynasty of all time.

It was a blowout, Patriots won easy, Falcons won easy.

So interesting game for the Super Bowl, listen, I watched

the game, it was methodical, there was never any doubt,

I don't think there's any way the Patriots lose to

the Falcons, I close myeyes try to imagine it,

I try to think, how can the Falcons beat the Patriots?

I don't think there is a chance, I don't know what's

gonna happen, the Falcons if they weren't, this is gonna

sound weird, if the Falcons weren't the Falcons--

- Yeah that's the biggest problem, the biggest problem

with this team is that they're the Atlanta Falcons..

- Right, so having said that, they're a good team,

and it almost in a weird way reminds me of the Arizona

Cardinals who lost to theSteelers, and the Steelers are--

- You're not gonna beat them.

- Yeah, Larry Fitzgerald had a huge game, and they were

very good, and maybe better, I don't know what happens here

but I know the Patriots are gonna win, and I'm gonna

get my revenge on RogerGodell, with a crowd of Patriot

fans, which to be honest, the more I think about it,

I don't know how part of that vendetta, that mob scene,

of people trying to just assassinate Roger Godell,

I mean what can you say?

Both games stunk, absolute stunk.

- It was not enjoyable to watch.

- And this whole season seems like a forgone conclusion

for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

- Every year, especially as a Patriot's hater, it's every

year I just assume it's going to happen, and when it

doesn't, that's the surprise, that's where it's at.

- I agree with the name of the Atlanta Falcons, kind of like

the Tampa Bay Rays, you just can't ever,

you know what I mean?

(talking over each other)

The Diamond Backs have won a World Series, but you're still

like "the Diamond Backs."

The Falcons though, they are a very exciting team,

that offense is like a video game, I know you're not

worried at all Dave, I know you're gonna say any time

I try to say "you know, thisteam actually has some talent,"

they do have talent, thedefense has come on, I mean they

shut out Aaron Rogers in the first half.

That was legit, you don't just do that like by accident.

And Matt Ryan is playing out of his mind, Julio Jones,

Julio Jones is gonna be the best player on the field

in my mind on Super Bowl Sunday.

- Better than Tom Brady?

- At their current state, yes.

- The problem though, is that the Patriots will just

have someone step up andplay like Julio Jones,

like Chris fucking Martin!

It doesn't matter who the stars are, the Patriots just

always fucking do it anyway.

- I just gotta do a callback here to what you just,

Tom Brady's playing as well as he's ever played,

and he's arguably thebest player of all time.

- Julio Jones is making plays and running like a,

the plays he makes, I don't know how anyone could ever

guard him, I'm just saying.

That's one man's opinion, Iknow you're obviously on Patriot

mode right now.

- I feel like the lastweek it was Aaron Rogers

versus Tom Brady, and then like Rogers gets shut out

and we just forget we had that conversation.

Julio Jones is a great player, but Brady is playing

as well as he's ever played, he is the best player

of all time.

- Any time Tom Brady steps on the football field

he is the most influential player of that game,

no matter who he's facing up against.

- Yeah, that's probably fair.

Julio Jones, I haven't seen, the stuff Julio Jones

is doing is like--

- I also like to say Belichick--

- That's the difference, it's probably because Brady's

been doing it for so long, and it's the same Brady,

Julio Jones is doing shit, and I'm like "holy fuck,

"how is this guy catching balls at the same pace?"

- I agree he's a great player, but there's also,

we're actually doing itbecause, I know people are like

"oh I'm not really thinking about that, I'm thinking about

"just, I'm so convinced the Patriots are gonna win this

"game, I can't imagine a scenario they don't, because it's

"the Atlanta Falcons."

But X's and O's wise, we will take Julio Jones out of the

game, like the Patriots take your best offensive player

and somebody else is gonna have to beat the Patriots.

- Yeah, and the Falcons have all their guys, I mean some

of the guys, Coleman, he's lie another guy who's

been making plays, you're like "holy shit, this guy

"is a video game."

- Quick shout out to the stooliewho pulled the fire alarm

on the Steelers.

And then we got an email that they were talking about

all day, we got the policereport of him getting arrested.

That quote "I'm dumb, I'm drunk, and I'm a Pat's fan."

- And I love it, and to be honest, I think that's fair game.

I think pulling fire alarms when you're on the road.

In the Super Bowl, we guarded the Patriot's fire alarm

because it got pulled twice.

If you don't want your fire alarms pulled, get home field

advantage, and by the way, don't let people find out

where you're staying, soshout out to that guy,

tip of the cap.

He did get arrested, I don't know what's gonna happen,

but they should send him to the Super Bowl.

Good job by him, I don't know if you guys feel that way

or not, but I want to give him a shine since they sent

us the police report.

Moving on, away from the Super Bowl, and there will be

a lot of Patriot talk.

By the way, the Falcons have no fans.

I did this on the serious show, even the fans were like,

any Falcons fans call in, they didn't even call in,

we had the number one like Falcon Atlanta radio show

host, Ryan Finneran, we had him call in.

He was so boring, he couldn't even get excited.

If I was saying these thingsthat people are saying Atlanta,

I'm like "it's the worst city, no fans, they only have

"strip clubs, it's a franchise nobody cares about,"

they're like "yeah you may be right."

I mean that's who we're dealing with.