Lil Rel Howery - Get a Daughter

Kevin Hart Presents Lil Rel Howery: RELevent Season 1, Ep 1 09/05/2015 Views: 6,571

Lil Rel talks about the difference between having a son and a daughter -- especially once they've grown up. (1:06)

That's the one thing I takepride in, is being a father.

Like, you know, Ilove being a dad man.

For real.

So dope man, you get tosee these little people

you created becomingtheir own little people.

You know what I mean?

And like, having alittle girl is the best

thing you could ever have.

Like, little girls are so muchbetter than having little boys.

Like, my daughter--I'm dead serious.

No, not-- no disrespectto you but I'm for real.

Most people are, I want a son.

Nope, nope.

shibididobos, get a daughter.

Because that's who'sgoing to fight for you.

Like, when you get old andyou need somewhere to stay,

she the one who going toargue with her husband

to get you to stay there.

Real talk.

That's going to be her.

Like, no, my daddy'sstaying here.

So if you don't likeit leave Marvin.

Not your son.

This asshole'll blindfold youand drop you off in a home.


You good.You good.

That's your bed.

He done blindfoldyou like this is

a surprise party or something.