Sara Schaefer - Pumping P***y Like Gas

Joe Zimmerman, Sara Schaefer, Tom Lennon Season 4, Ep 2 08/02/2013 Views: 51,913

Sara Schaefer heard a disturbing rap lyric that she believes warrants a trip to the doctor. (1:11)

I was walking down thestreet the other day

and I heard a rap lyriccome out of a car

window just as clear as day.

The young man said, "I'mpumping [BLEEP] like gas."


"I'm pumping[BLEEP] like gas."

You're doing what now?

So, what you'resaying is you just...

Not even a littleback and forth.

Just in, and thenimmediately ejaculation.

For, like, five minutes?

I don't have a tank, sir.

It's going everywhere.

Don't rap about that.

Go to a doctor immediately.