Speedround - A Very Racist Christmas

12/09/2016 Views: 27

Ike lends Kyle his trolling expertise, Trevor voices his concern for the Mall of America's first black Santa, and Allan McLeod tries his best to recreate "Macbeth." (1:07)

- Why don't you kill yourself?

Trust me, no one will care.

- You fat hooker!

- You fat hooker.

Ike, when this is all over,

we're going to need to clear your mouth out.

- I'm still Santa, but I just happen to be a Santa of color.

- I will say, I'm alittle worried for him,

because you know that sleigh is getting pulled over.

Don't play around.

♪ And if this Christmas Eve you hear bells tinkling,

- What are some other activitiesat their Christmas party?


- Accidentally saying the N word.


- Curtain comes up, andthere's the witches.

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble,

witches burn and,

slurred speech through laughter)

I'm (beep), wait, wait, wait.

- You're listening tothe Freaky Deaky report,

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