Breaking the Internet - Uncensored

End of Days Season 1, Ep 8 11/16/2016 Views: 1,277

The release of a Bill Cosby sex tape overloads the internet, putting Grover's chances with Cindy in jeopardy in the process. (1:28)

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someone shot me a Periscopeof a Vine

of a Snapchat of a screengrab

of a text--[gasps]

That say they saw Cindypee in the shower.

- You hear that?

Your girl like themgolden showers.

I wonder if she mud sharks

in the back of the toilet too.

You already know themGermans is on that.

- [laughing][smack]

- Y'all need to OJ that shit.

Cindy's a classy lady

and my future baby mama.

- [grunting]

Are you ready for some sex?

- [snoring]

- Snoring sounds like consent to me, bitch.


Are you ready for my big, fat Albert?

- Oh, shit, it'sa Bill Cosby sex tape.

- Time to put the pudding pop

where it doesn't go.

It's not rape

if she's not awake.

[phone dings]

- Oh, shit.

Cindy finally hit me back.

She must want to get wifed up.

- Say what, my nig?

- I mean, she must wantto have her cakes beat

with no emotional connection.

- Damn, I can't findthe sex tape.

- I got it,but it ain't playing.

What the fuck is a buffering?

[crowd chattering]

- Where'd it go?

- Thanks, Obama.

- God damn it, Cosby!What the fuck?

- Man, this is some wholehey-hey-hey type shit.

I'ma go home and watch Ray J.

[electronic beeping]

- Whoa, what?

- I ain't gettingno data now.

- Me neither.

Damn Huxtable roofiedthe whole Internet.

- I got to go see what Cindywas texting me about.

I'll holler.- Where you going?

- To the library, my nigs.

I know they got Wi-Fi.

- What's a li-burry?

- It's where homeless peoplechill when Starbucks is closed.