Cleveland Cavaliers End Their 52-Year Curse - We Only Shoot Three-Pointers

Monday, June 20, 2016 06/20/2016 Views: 131

The Cleveland Cavaliers' long-awaited NBA title victory sent fans into a frenzy, so Joe Randazzo, Mary Holland and Dave Hill describe how the city celebrated the win. (2:09)

Sunday night everyone inCleveland broke down in tears,

but this time,for happiness reasons!

The 52-year curse

that had been on the city'ssports team was lifted,

though the 50-year curseon their economy

-is still going strong.I'm sorry. -(applause)

No, don't clap.That's terrible.

No. Seriously, why would youcelebrate a town's misfortune?

LeBron James ledthe Cleveland Cavaliers

to an NBA finals victoryover the Golden State--

"We only shoot three-pointers"--in a spectacular...

Nah, I don't reallyget that joke.

'Cause I was watching Game of Thrones. Like, I didn't...

-I didn't... I don't know.-(applause and cheering)

-Yes.-That's what I was watching.

But everyonein the land of Cleves

has been losingdamn their minds,

which gave us this fun updateon Twitter.


The police in Cleveland

actually corrected.This fire truck wasn't stolen,

just mobbed by fans who havenever felt this emotion

called happiness.


This image, by the way,was approximately one

of 3.8 catrillion

captured on peoples' phonesin downtown Cleveland.

And as you know, uh...

And by the way,you know it's downtown Cleveland

'cause you can see theirthree buildings down there.

-(laughter)-(whooping) -There it is.


Since things are gettingpretty rowdy over there in Ohio,

how else will Clevelandcelebrate their victory?

Joe Randazzo, go.

By investing in job trainingprograms for the unemployed.

Just kidding. They're gonnalaunch a bunch of frozen turkeys

into a local hospital

-and then set that hospitalon fire! -HARDWICK: Yeah.

-(applause and cheering) -Yes.-They're launching... -Yes.

On fire, Chris.

I love, Randazzo,

you gave yourselfthe Family Feud clap after

-you gave your answer.Good answer. -Yeah.

-Good answer.-Good answer.

Show me... turkey fire! Ding!


RANDAZZO:Really hope it happens.

Mary Holland, go.

Mandatory rim jobsfrom the people in Cincinnati.

(cheers and applause)

Dave Hill.

By telling those bitchesin Akron to suck it.