The Improv: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall - First Bits

The Improv: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall Season 1, Ep 101 05/02/2014 Views: 524

Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, Jimmy Fallon and Judd Apatow remember some of the first jokes that they ever did at the Improv. (2:11)

and essentially,

you know, therewas no turning back

once I came up with this,was being left-handed.

That whenyou're left-handed,

it's very tough becauseeverything that the word left

is associated with seemsto be a negative thing.

Two left feet,left-handed compliment.

You ever see a crooknamed "Rightie"?

You go to a party,there's nobody there,

where'd everybody go?

They left.

Well, that wasmy first real laugh.

The one that stayed in my actis nothing to brag about either.

It was about the, um,the written exam

of the driver's test.

Blind people arecrossing the road.

A) Stop, let them go by.

B) Nudge 'em a littleso they know you're there.

or C) Aim for the dog, yeah.

I had this troll doll and Iwould do different celebrities

doing a commercialfor the doll.

So like,it was Bill Cosby.

He'd be like,"Will you look at the doll.

Where you take--where you get the troll

and the hair's hangingwith the lip--"

You know, I'd do himand I would do Seinfeld

going like,"Who does his hair?"

I mean why don'tthe arms and legs move?

It'd be a better doll.

He doesn't evenhave any pants on!

What's the dealwith that?

No pants!

You got the doll,no pants!

I had, basically,ten minutes of comedy.

That's all Ihad for my whole--

I mean, I could stretch to like,you know, a half hour, maybe.

But I only had ten minutesof good stuff.

I've got a bit about a guywho had no arms

who played the guitarwith his feet.

I suck.

I've done nothingwith my life.

I can't even playthe guitar with my hands.

And then I'd go,the weird thing

is his shirtwas tucked in his pants.

That was aboutas good as it got.