Reese Waters - Recession

Season 4, Ep 0405 11/13/2009 Views: 2,347

The recession is really hitting comedians hard. Because now they don't get the city to themselves during the day. (1:26)

My name is Reese Waters andI am a victim of the recession.

Because, as a comedian,

I miss having the city to myselfduring the daytime.

Now the city is crowdedall day long, right?

You know the economy is bad

when a 2:00 pm movieis sold out on a Wednesday.

You used to yell, "Fire!"in a crowded movie theater.

Now, just yell, "Job fair!"

It clears right out.

I remember when I lost my job.

I would dress in a suitto get on the subway,

just 'cause I didn't wantto announce to the world

that I've accomplishednothing today.

Now it's the opposite.You get on the train in a suit,

they look at youlike you don't belong.

Look at this guy.

Friggin' got him a "job."

I bet he paid his renton time this month.

Why don't you get up and givethat seat to a real New Yorker?

Which brings meto a quick rule of thumb.

If your schooladvertises on the bus,

you will never own a car.

Somethingto take home with you tonight.