Jim Gaffigan - Kale Propaganda

Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed Season 1, Ep 1 04/27/2014 Views: 81,325

Jim Gaffigan has had enough of a current pervasive food fad. (0:52)

I mean, that--

That stuff tasteslike bug spray.

I was lookingat a can of bug spray.

It said,"Made with real kale."

Kale is a superfood,

and its special poweris tasting bad.

It's inedible.

All you have to dois freeze-dry it,

cover it in cayenne peppers,

put it in a shake,and bury it in the ground.

Kale is so good for you.

It's like a really bitterspinach with hair.

Kale is so good for you.

They could find out kalecures cancer, and I would still

be like, "I'm just gonna dothe chemo, all right?

I've tried the kale.Okay?"