Dan Sally - Bemidji, Minnesota

  • Season 1 , Ep 0106
  • 08/24/2006
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Bemidji, MN is pretty famous. (1:55)

That was...

You guys are really courteous.

Thank you, thank you.

So, um, let's see,I was in Bemidji...


You know, the Bemidji.

And there's a signwhen you're entering Bemidji.

It says, "Entering Bemidji,home of Paul Bunyan."

I didn't think you could claim

to be the hometown ofa fictional character, you know?

I mean, what's next?

Entering Scarsdale, New York,home of Aquaman.

Ghostbusters World Headquarters,next right.

The neighborhood I grew up inhad a sign.

It said, "Go slow. Deaf child."

When I was a little kid,I used to worry a lot

about the deaf kid, 'cause Ilive on a very busy street,

and I was always worried he'dbe out playing in the street,

and a car would come whippingaround the corner,

and he wouldn't hear it,and he'd get hurt.

Nowadays, I drive by that sign,and all I can think is,

"When is this deaf kid goingto get his act together

and move out ofhis parents' house, you know?"

I mean, he's gotto be pushing 30 now, really.

Time to stop actinglike a deaf child

and start actinglike a deaf adult, everyone.

I was raised by a coupleof white people, white folks.

They were good people, but theywere honkeys, is what they were.

They were a coupleof cracker-eating honkeys.

They said we were Irish.

We were from Ireland,supposedly.

I don't particularly thinkthis complexion

is well-suitedto any environment,

uh, above the earth's crust,to tell you the truth.