A Prayer for Lillian

Lillian Is Dead Season 2, Ep 11 08/24/2016 Views: 1,385

Desperate to revive a seemingly dead Lillian, Beatrice calls on her new friend Jesus for help. (3:12)

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[somber music]

- Dear God, Jesus--

I think you're the same guy.

It's kind of confusing.

Anyway, I think I killedmy sister,

but I'm very, very sorry,

so please bring herback to life.



No, I--okay.

I think--I thinkI'm doing this wrong.

Let me--let me try again.

Um...Mr. Christ, it's me,Beatrice,

who you promised nothing badwould ever happen to.

Remember? Because I'm followingall your rules.

So please bring my sisterback to life right now.



I apologized.Now bring her back to life.

You did it for yourself.Now do it for my sister!

Please, Lillian.


You know what?

[bleep] you, God.[bleep] you.

You don't meananything you say.

I don't know what I'msupposed to be doing,

but I just do it anyways,because you said so,

and then you justdon't help me.

I don't understand.

And you know what?

You're not real,mother[bleep].

And I [bleep] know it now,so [bleep] you!

[dramatic musical build-up]

[techno music]

- Money?[panting]

- Lillian, you're alive!- Beatrice.

- I should've known the onlything that could save you

was the smell of banknotes.

- It is my favorite thing.- Me too.

Thank God churches areso stacked with cash.

- Let's go home.- Yes.

- It's the only thingthat matters--

just you, me, and Bellacourt.

- Mm-hmm.

- [whimpering]

Come on.

Let's get out of thisstupid place.

Lillian!- I'll meet you there.

- Oh, my God.

[gentle notes]