Ron Funches - F**k Linda

Ron Funches Season 3, Ep 6 06/20/2014 Views: 18,832

Ron Funches enjoys doing stand-up, but there's one thing that he would rather be doing. (1:51)

I saw a real actual horriblething recently in L.A.

I saw a gentleman on a bus

with a tattoo on his neck

that just read:



That guy...




he has to remind himself... be intimate with Linda.

Either way, Lindacould do better.

(applause, whooping)

Oh, y'all know Linda?

We should really starttelling this stuff to her face,

instead of meeting in secretlike this,

to discuss her personal stuff.

We're not good friends.


It's fun.You guys are real fun.

I like hanging outwith you guys.

I'd rather be hanging outwith my son right now,

'cause he's coolerthan all of you.

I'm just pretty sure about that.

He's real handsome,he's got a nice vibe about him.

He's just real chill.

Like, he'd be gettingso much (bleep)

if he wasn't ten years old.

But that's the only thingholding him back.