Roast Battle - Sarah Tiana vs. Sam Morril

Roast Battle - Night Three - Uncensored Season 1, Ep 4 07/30/2016 Views: 8,254

During a heated round between Sam Morril and Sarah Tiana, she likens him to Donald Trump, and he pokes fun at her dating history. (0:50)

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Canada, I just --I want to apologize for Sam,

because he isthe Donald Trump of comedy.

He is a spoiled rich kidthat embarrasses our country,

and he's about to get easilybeat by a woman.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Gunshots ]

I'm sorry, Sarah,I couldn't hear you

over your biologicalclock ticking.

[ Audience "oh"s ]

[ Whistling ]

Sarah'sa big Seth Rogen fan.

She loved himin "The Night Before" --

mostly 'cause she's never seena guy the morning after.

[ Audience "oh"s ]