Ian Karmel - Looking for a Job

Crash Test with Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer Season 1, Ep 1 01/22/2016 Views: 1,285

Ian Karmel wonders why people bother to get philosophy degrees and reveals why he can't find a job in his hipster-filled neighborhood. (1:23)

That should be illegal,that should beagainst the law

unless they havea job waitingfor you on the outside.

Like, "Microsoft's lookingfor someone to sitin a rock garden

"and think about deathfor eight hours a day.

"You'd be perfect."

So, I'm in the job marketnow and I livein a hipster neighborhood,

so it's pretty bleak.

We've got more overeducatedwhite kids in their 20's

than a Wu-Tang Clan concert.

I can't finda job where I live,because where I live

it's all coffee shopsand lesbian bookstores.

That's the whole thing.That's all it is.

And apparently peopleonly wanna buy coffee

from skinny hipsterswith haircuts andeven worse attitudes.

I've got a better shotat the lesbian bookstore

'cause at least I have breastsand facial hair.

I wear a lot of cargo shorts.

I've read Fear Of Flying,like, three times.

It got so bad for melooking for work

I went and applied at a Targetand I figured I was a shoo-in

because as far as I know,all you need to work at Target

is a red t-shirt.


Yeah, you'redigging it so far.

I don't think she's evenaware of my existence.

I think we're gonnaget married.