The Mind-Switcher

The Prisoner of Benda Season 6, Ep 10 08/19/2010 Views: 65,979

Professor Farnsworth suggests a solution to his and Amy's respective body issues. (1:18)

This time I'm sure I'vefixed the mind-switcher.

Good, I'm sick of cleaning upthose heaps of dead monkeys.

But why would you wantyour mind in a new body?

Well, as a man entershis 18th decade,

he thinks back on the mistakeshe's made in life.

Like the heapsof dead monkeys?

Science cannot move forwardwithout heaps.

No, what I regret is the youthI wasted playing it safe.

I wasted my youth porking out.

Yes, I remember.

Would you please take that down?

It's making me hungry.

Funny, I could usea little extra meat on my bones.

Wait a second.

If we switched bodies,I could live life to the extreme

and you could indulgeyour demonic food lust.

(gasps)We're just the people

this mind-switcherwas made for by us.

Wait, can I stillchange my mind?

Let's find out.

AMY'S VOICE:It didn't work, youdoddering old...


PROFESSOR'S VOICE:Ah, cartilage.

Dude, I bid youa fond cowabunga.

I'm off to laughat the reaper.