Eddie Pence - Pee Dream

Season 1, Ep 0104 07/20/2006 Views: 5,427

Eddie Pence gets really comfortable at night. (1:44)

And you wake upand you're peeing?

That's, like,the most comfortable sleep

you'll ever have.

You're just laying in bed,like...


Which is okay if you're single--

you just peel the boxersand roll over, not a problem.

I'm married.

So I, you know,peed on the wife.

( laughter )

You don't want to tell your wifeyou peed on her, so...

Hey, wake up!

It's hot in here.

( laughter )

You're sweatin'.

I'm gonna sleep on the couch.

That's horrible. I'm through.

I have a loud sex neighbor.

I have a loud sex neighborin the apartment.

It's not the noise

of the loud sex that bothers me.

I can dealwith the loud sex noise.

It's the durationI have a problem with.

It's the hour and a half,

eight nights a week,that I can't stand.

'Cause I'm just laying therein bed with my wife

after, like, 45 minutesof the sex-a-thon,

just going...( nervous chuckling )


I can't do that.

That's a... a really long time.

He's gonna cramp upif he doesn't take a break.

I mean...

You can get an aneurysmfrom that kind of strain.

Not healthy. It's not healthy.

So any man stallionsin the house tonight,

do us other guys a favor,with the thin walls.

Don't raise the bar so high.

We know you'rea superstar, sir.

We know you're a superstar.

But you're making the teamlook bad.

Making the team look bad.