Erik Griffin - Workaholics Fans

  • Season 2 , Ep 3
  • 05/10/2013
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Now that he is on basic cable, Erik Griffin has some interesting public interactions. (1:10)

A-And I'm lookingsexy as shit, huh?

(crowd whooping)

Uh! Ha, ha.

Where these Workaholics fans at?

Where you guys at?

(crowd cheering)

Yes, very tight butthole,very tight butthole.


You know what? I lovethe male Workaholics fans,

'cause y'all crazy.

Y'all love screaming my linesat me in public, like,


"Show me your dick!"

Like, hey, dude,is that what you...?

No. Not here.

I like the female Workaholics fans, of course.

(women whooping)Ah. Yeah. Mm.

Somebody gonna get pregnant.Um...

But there's always not a lot--

You're always the one Workaholics fan in your group,

you know, ladies?You know what I'm talking about?

Like, the other ones don't knowwhat you're talking about.

I always know this,'cause I see you in public

and there's, like, two girls.

One of them runs up to melike... (gasps)

"Oh, my God!Can you take a picture with me?"

And she, like, jumps on me.

And, "Courtney,take our picture!"

And then Courtney goes,"What are you doing?

"Why would you takea picture with him?

Are you trying to makeyour father mad?"

I'm like, "Get basic cable,Courtney. Shit."