Demetri Martin - Flyer Designs - Pt. 2

Demetri Martin: Standup Comedian. 09/29/2012 Views: 9,316

Demetri Martin presents his flyers for tambourine lessons, a missing rat and a mysterious cat. (2:00)

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"Lead singer wanted.

"Also, guitarist wanted,drummer wanted,

"bass player wanted...whole band wanted.

Have tambourine."

And then nearby,you can put up...

"Tambourine lessons.

"Expert tambourine playerwill teach you to play

"like a virtuoso.

"Experienced, trained,soon-to-be leader

of successfultambourine-based band."

People are like,"There's a new tambourine player

in Williamsburg,and he's not wasting time."

"Spacious, clean,cheap apartment available...

Never.Good luck, dip[bleep]."

"Man with van(and fetish)."

For a restaurant,maybe...

"Missing: one rat,left here yesterday."

"Learn photography,then teach me.

Please, don't be a prick.Just do it."

"Freetiny strips of paper."

You can put this next toany flyer that's there already.

"That flyer is bull[bleep].

Call me,I will explain."

"Found: one cat,looks delicious.

Call by Friday.After that, never mind."

"I can see you right now.

Call this number to prevent mefrom getting you."

They're all ripped off.

"Excuse me, there's no numbers!Please don't get me!"

Finally, "Help!

"A wizard turned meinto this piece of paper.

"Please lick me twiceto break the spell.

Hurry, do it!"

Thanks, guys.Appreciate that.