Jake Johannsen - Nude Plus Liquor

Cohen, Dombrowski, Agna Season 2, Ep 9 05/24/1993 Views: 1,949

Jake's never been to his favorite bar. (2:08)

Thank-- that is so unexpected.

Well, Thank-- Thank you,thank you for coming out.

Welcome to "Two DrinkMinimum," the show where

everyone has to have two drinks.

And I usually like to havemine early in the day,

maybe just pour a coupleof shots of bourbon right

on my corn flakes, you know, trythem again for the first time.

So-- but let me just check.

Has everybody had their drinks.


I see, the nicething about the band,

you don't reallyhave to check them.

They police themselves on that.

They were wearingthe Viking hats.

I used to be a Viking.

A lot of people don't know that.

And it was a pillaging injury.

I blew up my knee.

But anyway-- let's checkwith Harvey, our producer.

Harvey, have you-- haveyou had your drinks?

HARVEY: Jake, is that you?

-Yes, it's me.

Have you had yourdrinks, Harvey?

HARVEY: Oh, yeah, Jake.

We're rocking up here.

We're ready to go.

We're-- T minus 10 and counting.

-That's Harvey the producer.

He's-- he's-- he takes theminimum part pretty seriously,


In fact, there is no maximum.

I repeat, there isno maximum, Harvey.

Anyway, my favorite baris back in a Los Angeles.

I've never been there,but I drive by it

all the time on theway to the airport.

It's like a cinderblock building,

you know those places.

And then there's a bigsign out front that says,

Nude Plus Liquor.

I just like the name,Nude Plus Liquor.

You know, I want to godown there some-- Actually,

I'm dying to callthem up on the phone

just so I can hear themanswer, "Nude Plus Liquor."

You know, you wonder--you wonder exactly what

the regulars would belike at that place.

Somewhere there's a guy who'stelling his wife on the way

out the door, "Honey,if the boss calls,

I'll be down at theNude Plus Liquor."

Kind of like to go totheir softball games.

I-- you wonder-- I wonder, it'dbe different to be a regular

at that place than it would beto be at Cheers or something

like that. (SINGING) Youwant to go where people know.

Troubles are all the same.

You want to go where nobodyknows your real name at the--