Dan St. Germain - Weed Realizations vs. Drunk Realizations

Dan St. Germain, Adam Lowitt, Andy Zaltzman, Dana Gould Season 3, Ep 6 08/24/2012 Views: 20,907

Even when Dan St. Germain has a negative realization on weed, he becomes a better person. (1:33)

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I started smoking weed again.


You know, even when you have anegative realization on weed

it helps you become abetter person, you know?

When you're smoking weed,you're like,

"oh, my God, I'm selfish.I'm so selfish.

"I was brought up in middleto upper class, white male.

"I've everything going to me."

Opposing your drunkrealizations which are,

"you know, I'm gonna stoptaking [bleep] from cops."


Weed realizations are,

"oh, my God, there's a ladyselling cans on the corner.

"That's how she has to make herliving.

"I've never had to work thathard in my whole life."

As opposed to your drunkrealizations which are,

"I think that can ladywants to [bleep]."

I, uh, I got a lot ofdouchebag Twitter followers.

I got a lot of... this guynamed Heavy[bleep] follows me on

Twitter and hisTwitter handle is

"Heavy[bleep]., 55% badass,45% mother[bleep]."

And then underneath that hewrote, "disease-free," which...

You can't saysomething badass

about yourself and then write

something, like, morallyupstanding underneath it.

You know, I can't be like,"I'm Dan St. Germain:

65% hell raiser, 35%don't give a damn.