The Real Amber Twinkles

Sick Day Season 2, Ep 13 07/04/2016 Views: 1,444

As a rising pop superstar, Amber Twinkles feels restricted by her young fan base and tries to reveal her true self during a talk show interview. (1:45)

[lounge music]

[cheers and applause]

- All right, my next guest

just released a new album,"Emoji Hearts"

Please welcomethe very talented

Amber Twinklez.


So, Amber,how does it feel

to have the number-one singlein America?

- It's crazy, y'all.

A few years ago,I came to this town with nothing

but a promise ringand a dream.

Now I'm about to goon a 20-city tour.

I just feelso doggone blessed.

all: Aww.

- Well, I'm surethat seeing your perform live

will make a lot of childrenaround the country

very happy.

- Yeah, well, my music

isn't just for, like, littlekids or whatever.

Hail Satan.

- Huh.Well, I can attest to that.

I, uh, sometimes catch myselfsinging your hits in the shower.

♪ Emoji heartsflying at me like darts ♪


I'm not very good.

- No, my songs are notfor humans.

They are for pansexual,robot dog-men

from the year 40,000 A.D.

- Woof, woof.

- That's really artistic.

It seems like you're growing upbefore our very eyes, Amber.

- That's just it.When you're a celebrity,

people don't want youto change.

I love my fans,but I need the freedom

to discoverwho I really am.


And if that meansreinventing myself,

I just hope peoplewon't hate me for that.

- That's great.That's so great.

Is there any--anything else?

Well, um, thank you for comingon the--the program, Amber?

- [male voice] Oh, no,thank you for having me.

You're a real mensch.

And everyone, please,but the album.

My grandkids,they love it,

and I think you will too.

- Amber Twinklez, everyone.

- [vomiting]

Sorry.I have a thing.

[cheers and applause]