Creating a Profile

Oklahoma Cupid Season 1, Ep 4 12/09/2013 Views: 863

Brody creates an Internet dating profile with the help of his mother. (2:08)


BRODY (O.S.):I'm here.

Steve, how are you?

I made it.I made it.

Good, good.

Great to see you.

Daisy, come here.

She never comes to me.She always comes to you.

Look, she's attached to you.She loves you.

Well, she just left.

Well, that's the storyof your life, you tell me.

A couple of my friends don'ttalk to me anymore.

You'll find new friends.

You think so.Sure.

Why not?

You think I'll get a girlfriend,one day?

One day, I hope.

So, gender, I'm a male.

Orientation, straight.

Single, next.

But girls are creeped outby me sometimes.


Because I don't smilethat much.

Yeah, you don't smile,I know that.

Well, that's a fake smileif I ever saw one.

About how long do you want yournext relationship to last?

I'll say a few monthsto a year.

All right.

That's a good start, right?Mm-hm.

Baby steps.

Answers I'll accept,a few months to a year.

Maybe one night.

You can answer two.All right, okay.

I travel a lot, you know?All right.

With this profile,what should I put in there?

Well, you have a goodsense of humor.

Good sense of humor.


Uh, you're a-- you know, you'rea fun person.

Would you consider sleepingwith someone on the first date?

Well, you answer it.Quit looking at me.

Steven, finish it up already.

What is the most excitingthing about gettingto know someone new?

Discovering their body.

Who their famous friends are.

Can you picture me beingaffectionate with a woman?


Can you picture mebeing romantic?

Yes, I could.How about sexual?

I don't want to picture that!Jesus Christ, Steven!

All right, went too far.

Honest to god.

Don't upset Daisy.

She's a rescue dog, we don'tknow what she's been through.

Yeah, I don't knowwhat you've been through.