Chris Hardwick - Inappropriate Humor

Chris Hardwick: Funcomfortable Season 1, Ep 1 04/30/2016 Views: 2,787

When Chris Hardwick's father died, he used humor to cope with the loss. (1:45)

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But inappropriate humoris important.

I feel like peopleare too easily offended now.

Comedy is so important.

It's a defense mechanism,you know.

Comedy is armor to protect usfrom the smoldering shitwich

that is life sometimes.

It helps us connectwith other humans.

It helps us subvert power.

It helps us deal with tragedy.

My dad died a couple years ago.

What if that was the endof the show? Thanks, good night.

Whoa, what happened?Why?

"Yeah, he told some jizz jokesand said his dad died,

and he took off."

Yeah, I'm in dead dad club.I'm in dead dad club.

It's okay.You can talk about it.

Like, it's okayto make jokes about it,

and if you're in it,you understand.

The initiation feeis one dead dad.

That's how you get in.

You can alsobe grandfathered in.

See, those are the kind of jokes

you can makeif you're in dead dad club,

and if you are, you understandwhat I'm talking about.

They know, 'cause literallythe day I found out my dad died,

I was in a heap on the floor,right, very upset.

My girlfriend at the timecame over. She was like,

"Oh, my God, sweetie,is there anything I can do?

Is there anything I can do?Is there anything I can do?"

Three hours after I found out,

I could not stop myselffrom going,

"My dad always wanted usto have butt sex."

'Cause you get a window

where the worldis your sympathy genie.

It didn't work, though.She just looked at me

very flatly and goes,

"All right, turn around."

"I don't thinkthis is what he meant.

"I don't think this iswhat he was talking about.

I didn't say stop!"