Shrimp Smash

Monstalibooyah Season 7, Ep 3 01/25/2017 Views: 667

While posing as restaurant workers, the guys invite three women to do molly with them, but a beach bro named Carson has other ideas. (1:43)

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[jazzy lounge music]

- Hello.I'm your shrimperman, Adam.

Enjoya shrimp cocktail on the house.

One for you, and one for you.Enjoy.

- Guys. 5:00.- Are you kidding me? It's 5:00?

God damn it. The sun goes downin a, like, half-hour.

- No, guys,beach babes are at my 5:00.

- Oh.

- Oh, damn.

- Afternoon, ladies.


Can I interest youin a loose handful of shrimp?

- Hey, look.It's the volleyball guys.

- It is, yes.- Do you, like, work here now?

- Oh, did you replace Boomerafter he got fired by Mr. Carosi

for [bleep] his wifein the bathroom?

- I'll take three Long Islandsin one bowl with one straw.

- I like that one.

- No, we don't work--

hey, um, fun fact about shrimp--

they don't havelong, muscular necks,

but I do.

Who wants to suck?

- What are you doing?

- You should suck his neck.

- Hi, um, we have Molly.

In this bag.Under all this shrimp.

And we want you to cometo our place and do it with us.

- Whoa!- Hey!

- The [bleep] are you kooksdoing in here dressed like that?

- He thinks I'm a kook.You should slam me, right?

Ders, film it.Slam me.

Slam that glass over my head.

- Carson, chill out.- Gina, you chill out!

'Cause I am chilled out!

- He's not just chill.

He's the chillest dudeI've ever met.

[banging on window]

- Those kooksstole my man's stash

and brought violence

to our perfectly chilldrum circle.

Drummers, let's roll!

- 1325 Driftwood Lane.

- Yes,and just bring your smiles.

Oh, and chips.Well, we already have ketchup.

- No, bring chips--- Wait!

- [screams]

- I'm not donetalking to you guys.

Listen to me, shrimp boy.

- I'm not a shrimp boy.

I'm a shrimperman.

Shrimp smash!

- [yells loudly]