Cementing Barack Obama's Legacy

January 20, 2017 - Joy Reid 01/20/2017 Views: 38,443

Roy Wood Jr. explains how Donald Trump's presidency will only enhance Barack Obama's already-strong legacy. (3:10)

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Thank you so muchfor tuning in today.

Uh, because todaywas extra difficult...

Not only was it the inaugurationof President Trump.

It was the day we said good-byeto President Obama.

For more on how to copewith this anguish,

we turn now to Roy Wood Jr.,everybody!

-(cheers and applause)-Roy Wood... Jr.

(Wood whoops)

Yeah, Trevor!

Oh, my God, man, so many peoplecrying today. Why?

-(laughter)-What are you crying for?

Don't.... don't-don't smile'cause the journey is over.

I mean, don't be sadthat the happiness, uh....

Um, dude,this is my fifth coconut.

-I'm sorry, but I...-(laughter) -I'm sorry, Roy.

-How can you be happy...-Oh!

-...and drinking now?-Easy.

-'Cause I'm drunk. Secondly...-(laughter)

You saw the speech today.

Trump is gonna be so bad,Obama's legacy is on lockdown.

Like, Obama was good, but, like,

it really helps if the guywho follows you is terrible.

Like, for example,

people wanted to hateon Christian Bale as Batman.

-Then Ben Affleck came along...-(laughter, applause)

...and all of a sudden,people chanting at Bale,

"Four more films!Four more films!"

(in deep voice): It's too late.I can't do anymore!

I'm in The Big Short now.I can't do Batman.


Can't be Batman.

-Where...? Is that Batman?-No, I'm... Bat... Dark Knight.

Your Batman...your Batman sounds...

Your Batman soundslike he's taking a (bleep).

-I'm on the toilet!-(laughter)

This is the turdthat Gotham needs.

All right, don't...don't do that impression.

So wait. So wait. You're sayingObama will be remembered fondly,

especially because of Trump.

I'm just saying it doesn't hurt.

Look, trust me,they might not miss him now,

but when those folksin those red states start seeing

all them Trump tax cutsgoing to the super rich,

they're gonna beon the phone like,

"I don't give a (bleep)where he was born!

Just bring the black one back,please! Bring him back."

-(laughter)-Roy? Roy, no. -Please!

Yo, I think this isyour Mai Tai talking, man.

Yeah, this is history talking,along with the Mai Tai.

-(laughter)-Trevor, we've seen this before.

This ain't new.

Take Lincoln, for example.

Part of the reasonwhy he's such a legend

is 'cause the guy who followedhim, Andrew Johnson,

was so bad, he got impeached.

Look at Lincoln now.

They gave him a monument,a town car.

-He's fighting vampiresin movies. -(laughter)

-And they put him on two moneys!-(laughter)

And if they didall that for him,

then they're gonna let Obamaat least photobomb the hundred.

-(laughter, applause)-No, no. Whoa.

-I mean... that sounds like...-At the minimum.

But, Roy, are you equating Obamawith Lincoln?

Yes! At minimum.

Look, Lincoln was the Obamaof the 1800s.

He was divisive, and he madecontroversial decisions

that, over time, were revealedto be for the greater food.

Freeing the slaves-- that wasbasically Lincoln's Obamacare.

I'm not sure if you know whatwent down with the Emancipation,

but Lincolnhad some pushback, too.

-(laughter) -And that's whyI see today as a celebration.

When President Obamaboarded that helicopter

and waved good-bye, I saw a manascend to greatness,

and that is somethingto smile about!

I guess so. I guess so, Roy.

-(cheers and applause)-Yeah, I guess so. -Mm-hmm.

-You know what?-Oh, yeah.

It looks like...it looks like

you're gonna be okaywith the Trump presidency.

-Oh, I will eventually. -Oh,wow. Roy Wood Jr., everybody!