Karen Rontowski - Great First Date

Season 1, Ep 0105 08/10/2006 Views: 3,576

Karen Rontowski wants to please her date. (1:22)

for coming to the show,ladies and gentlemen.

I am having the best week.

The other night, I went outon a date with a guy,

said he didn't like womenwho were fragile or vulnerable.

So I stabbed him.

I think he'll call again.

And I just got back from

my three-year-old nephew'sbirthday party, you know.

And for his birthday, my sister,she gets him a piƱata.

Because apparently, at three,

he wasn't breaking enough thingsaround the house.

She wants to blindfold himand hand him a bat.

I'm not allowed over anymore,'cause I kept going,

"Hey, Evan, I bet there's candyin that lamp over there.

"Oh, too bad.

Try the dog."

See, I thought that was funny.

My sister didn't thinkit was funny at all.

In fact,she yelled at me, she goes,

"You knowwhat your problem is, Karen?

You think like a man."

So I said,

"I'm sorry, I wasn't listening."

And then I made hersmell my socks.