Sinbad - Vegetarians & Carnivores

Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla Season 1, Ep 101 06/14/2014 Views: 12,565

Sinbad firmly believes that vegetarianism is unnatural. (1:58)

And see-- there are people--Anybody here, like,

a vegetarian, againstkilling animals?

Because I know this is Michigan.

You don't probablyhave but one or two.

See, California---the poor animals.

You can't kill the animals.

We need to eat vegetables.

God made it so if you can'trun fast, you get killed.

It's in the Bible,Second Corinthians-- thou

shall run as fast as you can.

And when caught,you shall be eaten.

Anybody here a vegetarian?

My daughter's a vegetarian.Are you vegetarian?

Why are you vegetarian?

You don't eve know why, do you?

It sounded cool.

I don't eat meat anymore.

And I'm so hungry right now.

You're hungry right now.

You hungry right-- yourblood sugar's so low.

Look at all these meat-eaters.

Sinbad, you.

How long is he going to talk?

I thought this wasa half-hour show.

How long is the show?I need a carrot.

So, why'd youbecome a vegetarian?

AUDIENCE: [inaudible].

-When you became a vegetarian?

Yeah, because it ain't natural.

It's not natural.Look.

OK.I'm going to help you out.

Look at life.Look at the jungle.

Who's the one runningafter everybody?

The lions.The tigers.

The tigers.Eat meat.

Look at the little vegetarians,trying to get to a hole.

Go, go, go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

We lost Jimmy.We lost Jimmy.

Watch Animal Planet.

You'll start eating sandwiches.