Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: Two Very Lucky Nominees

July 6, 2016 - Terry McMillan 07/06/2016 Views: 152,694

Many of Hillary Clinton's past statement about the FBI investigation into her emails are proven untrue, and Donald Trump praises Saddam Hussein's approach to terrorism. (7:13)

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...over the courseof about 12 hours yesterday,

we saw what a messthis race has become,

and also, how luckythe two nominees are

because what's now clearis that both Hillary Clinton

and Donald Trump are runningagainst the only person

who they could possibly beat.


So, so, let's start off,let's start off

with madam secretaryat Yahoo.com.

Yesterday FBI DirectorJames Comey announced

that Hillary Clintonwould not be prosecuted

for her e-mail scandal,despite the fact that

just about everything she's toldus about it for the past year

has been a lie.

For example,last year she said this.

I did not e-mail any, um,

classified material to anyoneon my e-mail.

110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chainshave been determined

by the owning agency to containclassified information

at the time they were sentor received.

Okay, okay, that's-that's...

that's pretty bad,that's pretty bad.

I responded right awayand provided all my e-mails

that could possiblybe work-related.

The FBI also discovered severalthousand work-related e-mails

that were not among the groupof 30,000 e-mails

returned by Secretary Clinton.


We went througha thorough process to identify

all of my work-related e-mails.

Lawyers doing the sortingfor Secretary Clinton in 2014

did not individually read thecontent of all of her e-mails.

I thought it would be easierto carry just one device.

She also used numerousmobile devices.

There were no security breaches.

It is possible that hostileactors gained access

to Secretary Clinton'spersonal e-mail account.

Did Hillary tell the truthabout anything?!

I feel like the next timeI hear her say,

(imitating Hillary):"I'm Hillary Clinton

and I approve this message,"

the FBI director's gonna pop out

and be like, "Her real nameis Philip G. Mackadoo."

Why, Hillary, why?

You do understandthat your lies have besmirched

the Clinton name,a name synonymous with integ...

You know what, that's notthe point, you just...

That's not the point,the point is...

the point is (bleep).

That's the point.

The cornerstone of Hillary'sentire campaign has been

the idea that she'sthe responsible candidate,

sound judgment,disciplined, dependable.

Hillary Clinton is basicallythe Volkswagen of candidates.

She's the efficient, practicalchoice that's been in the game

for years and now,just like Volkswagen,

turns out there'sa whole lot of (bleep)

she's been hiding from us.


Come on, Hillary!

You know, in any normal race

this would be fatalfor a campaign.

And so last night,at his own speech,

all Donald Trump had to dois put the final nail

in the coffin.

All he had to dowas focus on Hillary.

Focus, Donald.

Saddam Husseinwas a bad guy, right?

He was a bad guy.

Really bad guy.

But you know what he did well?

He killed terrorists.

He did that so good.

They didn't read him the rights.

They didn't talk.

They were terrorists,it was over.

Yo, can...can I ask you guys a fa...

Is this, like, a prank?

Are you playing a prank on me?

What the (bleep), dude?

This was your chanceto bury Hillary.

This is not the timeto praise Saddam Hussein.

To be honest,I don't know when the time is

to praise Saddam Hussein,but I do know

that this is not the time.

Yes, yes, yes,

Saddam Husseinkilled terrorists.

Yes, Saddam Husseinkilled terrorists.

You know who else he killed?


If you kill everyone, you'rebound to kill some terrorists.

Saddam was also really hardon dry cleaners, schoolteachers.

Are you gonnapraise him for that too?

Like, who are you?

How is one party's nomineefor president

praising a mass murderer,people?

You know... I-I don't know,I don't know...

I don't... I didn't thinkI'd ever say this, but, like,

you have to feel bad forthe Republicans at this point.

I bet at the end of every dayafter Paul Ryan

meets with Donald Trump, he'sdriving home, on the phone like,

"Hey, honey, yeah,I'm, uh, I'm coming home.

"Yeah, I-I think he's learnedhis lesson this time--

"no more dumb tweets, no morecrazy (bleep) in his speeches.

"Yeah, just... Hold on,hold on, I'm getting...

"I'm getting a text.I'm getting... All right, baby,

"you better start dinnerwithout me. You better

"start it without me.

I got to go back."

And by the way, by the way--

this was not a gaffe.

Because Donald Trump's beendown with Saddam for a while.

In fact, last yearthis is how he talked

about Saddam'suse of chemical weapons.

Saddam Husseinthrows a little gas,

everyone goes crazy."Oh, he's using gas."

Help me understand.

Is America really consideringelecting a man

who talks about war crimes

like he's on an episodeof Drunk History?

(slurring):You know, Saddam Hussein,

he-he throws a little gas,

everybody goes crazy.

Oh, he's using gason the region,

Oh, we're destabled now.

(imitates vomiting)

All right, maybe...maybe it's just me,

but I think alarm bellsshould be going off

when a potential leaderrepeatedly praises

not-so-democratic dictators.

Donald Trump praisingthe leadership style

of Vladimir Putin.

(Trump speaking)

Donald Trump was actuallykind of praising Kim Jong-un.

You got to give him credit.He wiped out the uncle,

he wiped out this one, that one.

I mean, this guydoesn't play games.

If we had Gaddafi in charge,

instead of having terrorismall over the place,

we'd be...At least they killed terrorists.

You retweeted somebodyfrom @ilduce2016.

It was a Mussolini quote.

Look, Mussolini was Mussolini,it's okay to g...

It's a very good quote.

You want to be associatedwith a fascist?

No, I want to be associatedwith interesting quotes.


(audience laughing, applauding)

you want to be...

associated withinteresting quotes?

Oh, Donald.

You don't want to be president.

You want a teenager'sInstagram account.

That's what you want.

So, look, America,

this is where you are.

Grandma Nixon

or a traffic conesoaked in raw sewage.

Those are your choices.

A real Sophie's choice, really.

If Sophie hatedboth of her kids.

Uh...Can I be honest with you guys?

Can I be honest with you?Can I...

-AUDIENCE: Yeah.-All right. And you can

kick me out of the countryafter I've said it,

but I'm-I'm just gonna be honestwith you and say this.

Maybe you shouldn'thave an election.

No, maybe you shouldn't havean election.

-(cheering, applause)-Not now. Not now.

Because right now,right now America looks like

it's getting into a marriageit's going to regret.

And everyone can seethat this is a bad idea.

And I-I get it, look, I get it--

you've got... you've goteverything scheduled.

You've got the wedding...the wedding planned, you know?

you've invited everybody over.

You've spent an enormousamount of money.

But I'm gonna be that assholefriend who tells you like it is.

Maybe you need to call it off.

Do not go throughwith this wedding.

Because I'm telling you,two years from now,

you're gonna see your ex walkingdown the street and think,

"Man, I didn't realize

how good I had it."