Uncensored - Jo Koy - Roofie Voice

Jo Koy: Lights Out Season 1, Ep 1 04/01/2012 Views: 38,246

After denouncing men who roofie women, Jo Koy describes a legal way to pick up dates. (1:22)

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you're a piece of shit.

That's fucked up. Roofie a girl.That is such bullshit.

You roofie a girl.Are you kidding me?

That's horrible.Don't roofie a girl.

This is what I do...

Creepy guys, listen up.

Don't roofie a girl.That's illegal.

This is what I do.

When you're out drinkingwith a girl, all right,

use the voicethat she thinks she hears

when she's being roofied.

It's hysterical.

She doesn't knowwhat the fuck is going on.

Like, right when she takesa sip out of her drink,

just look at her and go,

[deep, distorted voice]"How are you feeling?"


"I said,'How are you feeling?'"

"I don't feel good."

"You don'tlook good either."

[low chuckle]


There are some guys here

that are gonna trythat shit tonight.

I swear to God.

You creepy fuckers.

Don't do it at the bar acrossthe street, you'll get caught.

Buy a girl a drink,and look at her,

and go,"How are you feeling?"

And she's like,"I was at that show, asshole."