Profiles in Tremendousness - Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions

November 30, 2016 - Tomi Lahren 11/30/2016 Views: 39,664

Jordan Klepper weighs in on President-elect Trump's attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, who has a history of making racially charged remarks. (3:45)

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But while Trump is stilldeciding between Romney

and the world's angriest eggfor secretary of state,

he's already made his picks

on some otherkey cabinet positions.

So let's take a lookat some of these people

in our new segment,Profiles in Tremendousness.

-♪ -I have the mostdedicated people.

-I know the best people.-I have the best people.

We're gonna use our best people.

I have the smartest peoplein the world.

I know guys that are so good.

Now, one of Trump'smore important decisions

has been his attorney generalpick, Senator Jeff Sessions.

And if you're not familiar withJeff Sessions,

he is a senator from Alabama

and a former Alabamaattorney general.

And his full name is actually

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions...III.

That is his real name, yeah.

That is almost too Southern.Let's be honest.

Jefferson Beauregard?Like, come on.

That's like if my name was

Trevor GiraffeApartheid Safari

Kulisa Kakamba... III.

That's's just too much.

Uh, to be fair, my middle nameis Mus... Mufasa,

but, I mean, still, that's,uh... that's different.

For more on Jeff Sessions,let's go live to Trump Tower,

where SeniorTransition Correspondent

Jordan Klepperis standing by, everybody.

-(cheering, applause)-Thank you, Trevor. Thank you.

Trevor, Jeff Sessions is agreat pick for attorney general.

I'm proud of Trump for makingsuch a bold choice.

Uh, okay, hold on.Jordan, before we move on,

-what the hell are you wearing?-Oh, you know,

Trump doesn't trust the media,so the only way I can

get close enough to Trump Towerwithout getting noticed

is to dress upas a hot dog vendor.

I don't... I don't thinkyou're blending in, Jordan.

You look like you're sellinghot dogs in the 1950s.

Well, that's where mostof Trump's policies come from,

so I thought I'd fit right in.

Well, that and the costume storeis still empty from Halloween.

It was either thisor a slutty Minion.

Lord knows I don't have the hipsto pull that one off.

-That-That's true. Your hips lieso hard, Jordan. -They do.

Anyway, um, let's talkabout this, a lot of people

are worried about Jeff Sessions.

He's so anti-immigration,you know?

Between him and Trump,where does this end?

Will there be mass deportationof illegal immigrants?

Well, sure, some peoplemight call it mass deportation,

while others may call itopening up

late-night hosting opportunitiesfor hardworking legal Americans.

Jordan, I keep telling you,I'm not illegal.

Well, that's not gonna matterin a couple months.

All right, let's-let's move on.What-what about...

what about the allegationsof racism?

Jeff Sessions was denieda federal judgeship in 1986

because he allegedly usedthe N-word

and made a jokeabout liking the KKK.

Come on, what white guy hasn'tbeen accused of being racist

for making a joke? I jokeabout the KKK all the time.

And I also go to their rallies.It doesn't make me a racist.

I think it makes you a memberof the KKK.

A member, Grand Wizard--these are all just words.

Don't be so sensitive.

All right, but, Jordan, here...okay, here's my biggest problem,

right? Jeff Sessions is onthe wrong side of voting rights.

He's supported voter I.D. laws,which we know unfairly target

minorities and poor people.In fact, he even said

it was good for the South whenthe Supreme Court struck down

a key portionof the Voting Rights Act.

Oh, come on, Trevor, he'sstopping people from voting?

Half of Americansdon't vote anyway.

He's practically doing thema favor. Think about it.

To vote, you have to get timeoff work,

wait in line for hours, nowI've got to choose who's going

to represent me for the nextfour years, I have to talk

to that little old lady atthe polling place, which I hate.

I told you, Meryl,it was just a one-time...

okay, it was a three-time thing!

And it took me a week to washthat lavender scent off.

Jordan, I can't believeyou would defend Jeff Sessions.

Oh, I... Trevor, I got to go,

Stephen Baldwinis coming into Trump Tower.

Oh, wait, that's just a pileof wet boxes.

Uh, I'm gonna go there anyway,all right? Mr. Baldwin!

-Mr. Baldwin! -All right,uh, thank you, Jordan.

Jordan Klepper, everybody.